Thursday 2 January 2014

Flooding in Winchester and Hampshire - Advice

If anyone sees flooding near electricity substations in residential areas they are asked to report it to Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) on 0800 072 72 82.
Advice on flooding can be found at and flood warnings can be found on the Environment Agency website
People can also call Floodline on 0845 988 1188.
If anyone has concerns about any older or vulnerable people in their community during times of adverse weather, they should call: 0845 603 5630 or out of hours 0845 600 4555. Hampshire residents are asked to be good neighbours and check on anybody elderly or who may be vulnerable during this time. 
With the succession of storms and the continued wet weather, ground water levels are rising. Surface water is also a problem on roads that are already damaged from last year’s wet autumn, and cold winter and spring. The County Council is warning that this will cause more damage to parts of the highway, and residents are being encouraged to report any potholes online or call 0845 603 5633.
Highways teams will continue to be busy responding to weather related incidents and the public are encouraged to report road problems online at or call 0845 603 5633. In an emergency the public should dial 999.
Residents in flood prone areas are advised to follow the Environment Agency’s flood warning advice, which is:
  • Prepare a Flood Kit – warm clothes, torch with batteries, battery powered radio, food, water, mobile phone + charger, first aid kit, important personal documents such as passports, bankcards and insurance details; medication and baby food if needed. Keep it upstairs
  • Make a list of useful numbers such as the emergency services, Floodline, insurance company and policy details. 
  • Talk about what you would do in the event of flooding with other family members / housemates
  • Know where to turn off the gas, water and electricity supply. Ensure you switch it off if you evacuate your property.
  • Move people, pets, valuable items and if possible - electrical appliances upstairs or in a high place downstairs
  • Any furniture that you can not move upstairs try and raise off the floor
  • Think about moving your car to higher ground
  • Block doorways, air bricks and cellar vents with bricks or sandbags
  • Alert neighbours and assist the elderly, infirm and those with small children
  • Avoid walking and driving through floodwater as there could be hidden hazards
  • If you have any health worries call NHS Direct on 111 or see
  • Call 0800 80 70 60 to report flooding to the Environment Agency
  • Refer to Environment Agency Publication “ What to do Before, During and After a Flood”

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